Living Room

The new year brings with it an opportunity for change and what better time to refresh things a little around the house. We all have our own likes and dislikes but it’s worth keeping the latest trends in mind before making any expensive upgrades. See where the 2018 trends fit with your tastes now!


Atlanta 1.5R/ 2.5L Corner Suite

 Living Room With Metallic Tones

Metallic tones (silver, nickel and steel) bring a distinctively modern feel whilst warmer tones (gold, rose gold and bronze) are great at adding warmth to a room. While these tones can be used in isolation, it is when the two are combined that a room truly comes alive.

Keep in mind that there are ways to incorporate the trend without using the actual metals.You can think outside the box a bit by adding our versatile Atlanta corner suite for instance which gives a warm grey nod in a fabric guide to the latest trends. You can then use warmer tones to contrast the existing colour scheme by adding our spectacular Aaliyah mirror to give your space the perfect balance.


Scott 3 Seater Sofa

Living Room with Fabric Sofa

Both leather and fabric sofas have always been popular and they will be on display in our living rooms more than ever this year. Fabric sofas are a real winner as their material is soft to touch and stays at the same temperature all year round; this feels comforting especially on those cold winter nights.

Depending on your tastes, leather sofas might be a better option as they really do bring style and practicality in equal measure. One advantage of these sofas is that they are really easy to clean so they are an ideal choice if you have mischievous kids or pets.This isn’t to say that leather sofas force you to compromise on style as they remain a wonderfully elegant addition to any living room. For more detailed information on which sofa is right for you, you can check out our comprehensive guide on leather and fabric sofas.

Earthy Neutrals

Inspire Light Grey Corner Group

Living room with earthy neutrals

Neutral colours always work well because they support so many different styles and in more modern interiors they allow the architecture of the home to remain the focus. These types of colours will never go out of fashion as they make for a perfect decoration foundation on which you can carefully build over a number of years. Down the line, if you want to add brighter or more vibrant colours neutral colours give you the perfect starting point.

Every year, there are slight changes to the neutrals in vogue and sage is set to be the dominant neutral for 2018.This is not to say that traditional neutral colours such as white, beige, brown, and stone won’t be popular but you can look to embrace the sage craze by adding this very popular light grey sofa to your living room and pairing it with a wood coffee table.

Dark Woods

Cadell Aged Oak Console Table

Living Room With Dark Woods

Light brown textures of natural wood have always been popular but dark wood will see a renaissance this year.  This type of wood has a wonderful knack for making a space look and feel more cosy and intimate while giving it a delightful rustic authenticity. It’s generally best to combine both dark wood and light wood elements as too much of either can be a little overwhelming.

For wood beginners, even adding something simple like a dark wood console table can help to turn your hallway into something much more than just a walkthrough. Our video below shows you how you can style your hallway table to take it to the next level!

Bright Colours

Chelsea Bar Stool

Living Room With Bright Colours

Primary colours (blue, red and yellow) are often toned down when used in interiors but 2018 will see their true shades used a lot more. There is often a tendency to use their derivatives, such as light yellow/blue, but you shouldn’t always feel the need to be so conservative.

Primary colours can have a massively positive impact on a living space, especially when two of them are used together. You can also look at adding pops of colour initially to see if you like them and hopefully you will find that they add vibrancy to a room. If you’re a bit unsure about primary colours; why not start small with something like this stylish Chelsea bar stool and put it by the kitchen counter? You can then add more primary colours throughout the year if you take a shine to them!


Hampton 2 Seater Sofa

Living Room With Vintage Furniture

Vintage interior design can be difficult as it’s often tricky to strike the right balance between old and new. You want to bring back the warm feeling of homes in times gone by, but you don’t want to push the boat out too much and end up with a dated interior.

The best approach is to incorporate elements of the traditional with something like a vintage chair and then add up-to-date accessories to counteract it. This works well as you’ve included a unique piece that will grab people’s attention, but the more modern elements ensure that the room still has a light and contemporary feel. It’s great to pay homage to the stylish aesthetics that were once so popular, but be careful not to let your home turn into a time warp.

We hope you have a great time styling your home in 2018. Remember that our sales advisors are at your beck and call to help you with your styling needs all year round!