Decluttering your home isn’t an easy task. The longer you live somewhere the more items you accumulate and if nothing is thrown out, things can quickly get out of hand. In an ideal world, decluttering should be an ongoing process but if you’re a bit of a hoarder it’s not too late to change your ways!

Cluttered home

1. Fill one bin bag

Assuming you haven’t decluttered in a while, you should easily fill one bag of items that are of no use. Many of us will have random things strewn around the house that we know should have been in the bin long ago.Start in the kitchen and check for food items in the back of cabinets to see if they’re out of date or perhaps you have a few saucepans in the drawer with damaged handles or covers. Put these straight in the bin as they’re of absolutely no use to anyone!The living room is another area where we tend to needlessly store things like old newspapers and magazines and it’s hard to show off a nice sofa or coffee table when the room is full of clutter.If the bin bag isn’t full yet, head for the bedrooms and bathrooms and you’re sure to find plenty of stuff to top it up such as out-of-date medicines and make up containers.

2. The Four-Box Method

Filling one bag will likely not cause you too much stress but it’s more difficult to decide what to do with every item in every room. This is where the four-box method works well as you will have a box for items you want to keep, throw away, relocate, and donate to charity. Finding the right box for every item can be difficult but try not to put too much in the ‘keep’ box.
Dispose of all items to be thrown away immediately and make sure any items you’re giving away are out of sight. Otherwise, there’s a good chance your brain will start playing tricks and you could end up changing your mind.

Declutter the home

3. The 12-12-12 Challenge

This challenge is a slightly toned-down version of the four-box method as you only have to decide where 36 items go in total: 12 items are thrown out, 12 items are donated to charity, and 12 items are returned to their rightful place. It’s a task the whole family can help with and you can even turn it into a bit of a game with a countdown timer. The bookshelf is generally a good place to start as nearly everyone has books that have been doing nothing else but slowly gathering dust for years!

Batavia 4 Hole Cube

4. Get rid of one item each day

If you feel you want to break yourself in slowly to the decluttering world, even giving away one item a day is a good starting point. This shouldn’t cause you too much grief as nearly everyone should find one item they can get rid of on a daily basis. You might think this won’t make much of a difference but if you do it every day for a year your home will be 365 items lighter by the end of it.

This could be a good time to tackle the wardrobe as we all have clothes stuffed in the back that we never plan on wearing again! The wardrobe is generally one of the most frequently cluttered places and keeping it in order can be difficult. You should try to tackle it at least once every six months or so and come up with a simple system for how you store your clothes. One idea is to turn your hangers all in one direction and when you wear an item, replace it back after use/wash on a hanger in a different direction. Check back six months later and anything that is on a hanger in the original direction has not been worn in six months so should be considered for decluttering!

5. Never leave the room empty handed

Now that you’re on top of things, it’s not the time to rest on your laurels. A good way to maintain a clutter free home is to take one item that doesn’t’ belong with you when leaving a room. Get into the habit of looking around a room before you leave and grabbing one item that needs to be put back in the room you’re about to enter. This could be something as simple as bringing a coffee cup back to the kitchen or bringing a toy back to the kid’s room, but it really will save you time in the long run.

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