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Hallway Ideas

Posted: Thu, 22 December 2016, 16:14

The hallway is where your guests are introduced to your home so it’s the place to make your first impression for your design tastes and it can also set the tone for the theme throughout the rest of the home. While it can be stylish, the hallway can and should be functional. As a space, the hallway is at times overlooked but we’re here to give you some actionable hallway ideas that can be achieved by adding furniture and accessories or a combination of both and we think they will suit all budgets and home sizes.

Hallway Ideas

How to Get Started Implementing Your Hallway Ideas

  1. Clear away clutter from the area
  2. Contemplate the space that you have
  3. Decide on the impression or theme you want to make

Maximising a Small Hallway

Even if you have a small hallway space to work with, it is possible to implement some ideas as part of your design project. The important thing with a small hallway space is to focus on making the area appear larger, effectively maximising on what you have. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Hallway Ideas- Add a Mirror

Add a Mirror

A mirror in a small hallway will amplify the space and create the illusion that there is more area than there actually is. It will also intensify the light that descends into the hallway which will create a bright ambience and will open previously dark corners.

Hallway Ideas-Make a Feature of the Stairs

Make a Feature of the Stairs

Some homes’ front door such as in a duplex apartment opens to be met with just stairs and little else but that can still be maximised. In that case, make the stairs the feature by having them fitted with a runner carpet that will elongate the space and draw the eye up to the top of the landing where you can add extra decoration such as a small console table or lamp table.

Hallway Ideas-Make Functional Pretty

Make Functional Pretty

If you’re dealing with a small space in your hallway, you might still need the area to be functional but that doesn’t mean that it has to look an eyesore. Choose your functional furniture pieces carefully and incorporate cleverly designed furniture that work well but also look good. For example, a narrow and open sided bookcase would look wonderful here but would also be highly functional and not just for books. Similarly you could have a narrow blanket box which could be used for storage and if you add pretty cushions, it would add a unique touch as well as doubling up as a seating area.

Hallway Ideas-Have a Showpiece

Have a Showpiece

Even when you’re dealing with a small hallway, you can still incorporate a showstopper piece of furniture. This is where it might require a slightly larger investment but the payoff is that you have a piece that draws the focus to it and away from the lack of space. Something like this amazing marble console table is perfect as it not only looks beautiful but it is narrow but could still be functional. Accessorise the top with accent coloured items and set a tone of further sophistication with a potted plant which are easy to maintain but will fit in visually - we suggest a decorated ivy but there are many to choose from.  

Hallway Ideas-Let Fabrics Take the Focus 

Let Fabrics Take the Focus

With a small hallway painted in a colour like white or good old magnolia, you can bring focus to something such as a bench or even a basic dining chair by adding fabric detailing using the addition of fabrics in the form or something like cushions or blankets. Choose pretty blankets or cushions with frilly details, of varying sizes and colours and they will immediately draw the eye - taking away from the fact that the area is lacking in space.

Hallway Ideas: Include More Storage!

The best kind of storage simply blends into your décor but it of course needs to actually fit its purpose also and provide a usable and functional storage solution. People sometimes overlook the hallway as a viable storage solution but it has great potential for this purpose.

Hallway Ideas-Coat Stands

Coat Stands

Coat stands seem to have gone in and out of vogue in terms of interiors; many “experts” would suggest that they add clutter and don’t follow a minimalistic theme. We think they can add style and substance to a hallway and by choosing the right one, you can add some distinct and classic elegance to your hallway. The key is to not let your coats pile up as then it will look cluttered and might even topple over with weight! To combat this, be sure to filter through your coat stand each season so that for example in winter you only have winter coats and scarves on there and in spring, you have lighter options.

Hallway Ideas-Being Clever With Storage

Being Clever With Storage

Traditionally, a hallway would contain a table of some sort. Back in the day when everyone had a telephone landline, they would almost always feature a ‘phone table but today, people in the majority don’t have a landline so it negates the need for a table like this. A bookcase, even a narrow version could be added to a hallway and it doesn’t need to contain books! Populate it with some of your favourite picture frames, add in a small plant (a small trailing ivy again would be beautiful here), some candles and immediately you have a focal point in your hallway which indicates your style and colour theme. You can of course choose to use the bookcase as it is… a bookcase but why not arrange your bookcase thematically such as in colour order?! Again it would be functional as a place for storing your books but your books become a distinct colour and design feature!

Hallway Ideas-Long Hallway

Long Hallway

If you’re lucky enough to have a long hallway to play with you could consider populating it with a series of high bookshelves bunched together. Again they don’t all need to contain books! You can mix them up with candles, ornaments, plants, flowers; there is huge potential. If the shelves have drawers or presses, you could obviously use those to store items like shoes, gloves and scarves. Be careful with the colour scheme you choose that it doesn’t darken the hallway too much. On the opposite wall you could feature your favourite framed images and art.

 Hallway Ideas-Wardrobes Aren’t Just for Bedrooms!

Wardrobes Aren’t Just for Bedrooms!

beautifully finished wardrobecan add something unique and different to a hallway. Choose one with fine detail like pretty doorknobs and add in luxury hangars where you can hang guests’ coats. A smaller, narrow wardrobe is a great storage solution in an apartment hallway too and you could use it to store away out of season items to free up bedroom wardrobe space.

Hallway Ideas: When You Have Lots of Space!

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious area in your hallway, then you have many options to make your space your own!

Hallway Ideas-Create a Relaxing Space

Create a Relaxing Space

Extra space in a large hallway can be converted into a relaxing space for you and your visitors; adding a couple of elegantly designed occasional chairs or an ornate couch with a coffee table immediately creates a distinct new area and focal point. This spot can bring immense joy to you as you could use it as a place for reading your favourite books and magazines. If you have a window in your hallway, your seating area would enjoy the views it overlooks outside. It is important that you don’t allow this area to become cluttered just because it has places to put things on and also don’t forget to include it in the dusting list!

Hallway Ideas-Add Drama

Add Drama

Use the large space that you have to display your favourite art and add some pretty additions like large vases which can sit on the floor - if you have young children, obviously this might not be an option! Take the opportunity to incorporate some more unusual shaped items of furniture such as occasional storage and consider adding a series of them to create a unique look.

Hallway Ideas-Use the Space for Function

Use the Space for Function

If you have a larger than the norm hallway, you could consider using a portion of the space to create a functional area which could be used by an individual or all the family. Replacing the traditional telephone table with something like a classic writing desk means that it can be used legitimately as a place for browsing a laptop or generally getting admin work done. With an exquisitely designed desk being the focal point, you could add accessories like pictures and small plants on the desk with larger plants dotted around the scene.

Make the Space an Occasional Dining Area

Transform an awkwardly shaped hallway space by utilising for example, a dark corner and using it as an a place to dine for dinner parties or special occasions like Christmas by adding a round table and chairs. While it’s not in use you could move the chairs to storage and add a luxurious fabric tablecloth with a colourful vase of fresh flowers. Consider adding in an ornate lamp to add not only light but extra interest to the scene.


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