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A Fear-Free Guide to Buying Furniture Online

Posted: Fri, 31 March 2017, 15:30

For many of us, online shopping can still seem like a daunting and somewhat perilous task that appears to be filled with landmines and T&Cs galore. For some, the prospect of pressing ‘checkout’ on even the smallest of goods results in cold sweats and palpitations and, as such, it is understandable that the idea of shopping for larger ticket items online, like furniture, might seem terrifying.Despite this, there is a vast array of benefits to purchasing furniture online, (apart from the obvious ones, like being able to re-decorate your home while sitting on your sofa on a Tuesday evening). We would hate for you, our lovely readers, to miss out on the many perks of shopping for furniture online and so, we’ve come up with some of our top tips for buying furniture online and skipping the buyer’s remorse.

Is it legit?

Beginning with the most basic rule, your first task is to determine whether your retailer of choice is naughty or nice. Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs that can help you to differentiate between an authentic e-commerce site and a fraudulent one before you enter your payment details. A complicated or long url is often a red flag. If you’re suspicious about an unusual url, then don your detectives cap and delve in deeper! Which brings us to our second tip…

Seeing Stars

Since the beginning of the big old world wide web, people have embraced the ability to have their voice heard and to offer their helpful opinions to other unassuming consumers. Most legitimate online businesses will provide an online space for consumer reviews. We at EZ Living aren’t ones to blow our own trumpets, but you can check out some of ours here.

Size Up

The golden rule of online furniture shopping, particularly for larger items, is never to rely on what you see. Eyeballing a picture online is a risky business that rarely ends well. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting by getting the measuring tape out and sizing up the space you need to fill. Bonus tip! It is always a good idea to measure entrances to make sure that you avoid a headache on delivery day.


Although photos online are often extremely high quality and true to the product, you should always read the product specifications so that you know what fabric/finish your item is or what kind of care it will require. If the retailer in question has a bricks-and-mortar store, it is a huge advantage to pop in and try before you buy. Check out our store listings here.

Returns & Assembly

Ensure that you’re clued in on the company’s return policy before taking the leap. You can check out ours here. Assembly is also something that you should consider. Find out whether your item will require assembly and if this is easy or requires some professional help. Some retailers (like EZ Living) will even offer to send someone to assemble your item at your home for a great price.

Armed with these tips, we encourage you to embrace the joys of shopping for furniture from the comfort of your own cosy home!

Happy browsing!

Springtime Sprucing

Posted: Thu, 16 March 2017, 16:12


Attention all interior design fanatics: spring is upon us! Yes, it is true that for many of us the sky outside remains an unsightly shade of grey and we’re still bundled up in our winter coats, but we’ve decided that its time to bring the bloom indoors. With the evenings getting longer and the occasional sunny spell brightening up our days, we’re getting that springtime itch to refresh, renew and de-clutter. 2017 has brought with it several superb interior design trends that we have been dying to sink our teeth into and we’ve decided that spring is just the season to do it. So, without further ado, let us talk you through some of the ways that you can incorporate a fresh and zesty feel into your humble abode this season.


New Opulence

In spring 2017, the interior design world is going crazy for all things art deco. Amp up those 1920’s glamour vibes by incorporating rich velvets, soft shapes and smooth marble accents to your space. At EZ Living, we can’t get enough of this trend and spring is the perfect excuse to splurge a little on some drool worthy pieces. For us, the Cocoon Sofa in Navy is the epitome of springtime chic. As an added bonus, the oh-so-versatile navy is a go-to hue for spring, adding a moody quality to any setting. It also looks incredible paired with zesty spring tones so you can shake up your sofa assortment for added ‘umph’.


Pantone describe their colour of the year, Greenery, as ‘a refreshing and revitalising shade symbolic of new beginnings’. Can you think of a colour more appropriate for spring? We can’t. The beauty of using colour to spruce up your space is that you can incorporate it in any way that you prefer from bright accents as pictured on our Dune Sofa, to statement pieces á la Scott Sofa, or, one of our favourites, by bringing nature indoors. For those of us who havn’t been blessed with green thumbs, fear not! Lush, flourishing and (more importantly) low maintenance vines are the only things you need to create a spring time haven all of your own.

 Springtime Scents

Spring is a season for the senses, so why not move from darker, wintery scents like amber and patchouli to crisp, fresh bouquets like peony, rose, lemon and rosemary? Think diffusers, candles or freshly cut flowers sitting on your coffee table. For those of us who enjoy a little DIY, homemade linen sprays or essential oil air fresheners are the perfect projects to get your home in tip-top shape and you get to give yourself a little pat on the back too!

Now go ahead and spring into the season!


Mattress Shopping 101

Posted: Wed, 08 March 2017, 12:03

/v4/d9b60067-3c54-423f-893c-3ac83959cd97/images/cms_images/Montreux_Main_Blog.jpgWe all know that getting enough good quality sleep is the key to a happier and healthier life and effects everything from our weight, mind, mood and more, yet so many of us are guilty of scrimping on those valuable Zs. You’ve probably heard about the evils of screen time before bed and half-heartedly vowed to stop scrolling before you drift off, maybe you even bought the camomile tea and counted sheep, but if sleep still doesn’t come easily, perhaps the time has come to upgrade your mattress.

Mattress shopping can be equally as daunting for first time buyers as for more seasoned shoppers as your needs change over time. From questions of support, materials, and spring type, the process of mattress shopping is one which takes careful consideration, which is why we’ve decoded the scientific lingo to help you to buy a mattress that fits both your body and budget needs.


Pocketed Coil

Perhaps you share a bed with someone who tosses and turns all night or maybe you’re the guilty party, and if this is the case you will understand that this often ends in at least one person being less than pleasant every morning. If you can relate to this situation then a pocketed coil mattress is what you need. Pocketed coils are small, steel coils that are individually wrapped and operate independently of one another, minimising the movement of surrounding springs and allowing both you and your partner to sleep soundly.


Open Coil

If you’re searching for something at a lower price point, the traditional open coil mattress may be a good option. This in an interconnected spring system which means that, unlike the pocketed coil, movement on one part of the mattress can be felt all over making an open coil mattress preferable for those who don’t share a bed. The open coil is a great option for anyone who needs or prefers firmer support and parents often favour the open coil for a child’s mattress.


Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress is a favourite amongst many and particularly for anybody who suffers with back and joint pain as it relieves pressure on the body by distributing weight equally across the surface. Much like the pocketed coil, memory foam reduces motion transfer so these mattresses tend to be a crowd pleaser.


Gel Mattress

For those who prefer to stay cool while they slumber, the gel mattress if is a perfect fit. Similar to memory foam, the gel mattress conforms to the shape of the body, relieving pressure without losing elasticity.


Latex Mattress

For our allergy prone friends, a latex mattress is worth considering. Naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and bacteria, latex allows you to enjoy a sneeze-free snooze as well as regulating your body temperature while you sleep. These mattresses are also extremely durable and are known to stand the test of time so that y6ou get more bang for your buck.


Sweet dreams!


The EZ Living Interiors team.



Christmas Decoration Ideas

Posted: Thu, 22 December 2016, 17:22

Can you believe that it is that time of year again where we are talking about Christmas decoration ideas? If you adore Christmas like we do and use it as an excuse to inject some fresh new looks in your home that are simple, effective and fun, then read on as we focus on the dining room!

Christmas decoration ideas for the dining table

Christmas Decoration Ideas - Dining Room

Maybe you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year so obviously the dining table will be a focal point in your home for the festive season. When considering your dining table, think of it as a project within itself; this is a great time to experiment with colour themes and patterns that don’t exist in your home for the rest of the year so try to be expansive in your thoughts. Start by choosing a colour theme for your table. Once you choose the colour theme, everything can build from there.

Mixed Metallics

Christmas Decoration Ideas- Mixed Metallics

Mixed metallics are a good option for your dining table because not only will they look festive but they will give an elegant finish also. Add in white in the form of a crisp tablecloth or napkins and you will really set a classy tone to your look. Think gold or silver candelabras or candles to accentuate and use a mixture of gold and silver plates for your settings.


Add in Some DIY

Christmas Decoration Ideas-Add in Some DIY

Most houses are prone to having empty wine bottles lying around so why not incorporate a simple “craft” project for your dining table setting decorations. Wash out your wine bottle once you are finished with it; choose some wrapping that fits your colour theme and cut it to cover the label area of the bottle. Select a pretty ribbon in a colour that also matches your theme and tie it in a bow around the bottle. Add a candle in at the top that again fits your overall colour theme and voilá you have made your own dining tablecentre-piece that you can wow your guests with! Do this with a number of different wine bottles; varying the shape and colour of them will also add interest.

Hallway Ideas

Posted: Thu, 22 December 2016, 16:14

The hallway is where your guests are introduced to your home so it’s the place to make your first impression for your design tastes and it can also set the tone for the theme throughout the rest of the home. While it can be stylish, the hallway can and should be functional. As a space, the hallway is at times overlooked but we’re here to give you some actionable hallway ideas that can be achieved by adding furniture and accessories or a combination of both and we think they will suit all budgets and home sizes.

Hallway Ideas

How to Get Started Implementing Your Hallway Ideas

  1. Clear away clutter from the area
  2. Contemplate the space that you have
  3. Decide on the impression or theme you want to make

Maximising a Small Hallway

Even if you have a small hallway space to work with, it is possible to implement some ideas as part of your design project. The important thing with a small hallway space is to focus on making the area appear larger, effectively maximising on what you have. This is achieved in a number of ways:

Hallway Ideas- Add a Mirror

Add a Mirror

A mirror in a small hallway will amplify the space and create the illusion that there is more area than there actually is. It will also intensify the light that descends into the hallway which will create a bright ambience and will open previously dark corners.

Hallway Ideas-Make a Feature of the Stairs

Make a Feature of the Stairs

Some homes’ front door such as in a duplex apartment opens to be met with just stairs and little else but that can still be maximised. In that case, make the stairs the feature by having them fitted with a runner carpet that will elongate the space and draw the eye up to the top of the landing where you can add extra decoration such as a small console table or lamp table.

Trend Alert: Functionality that Shows

Posted: Thu, 22 December 2016, 16:10

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